Niška pivara

The brewery opened in 1884 during its long history left a trace in the whole south of Serbia, developing alongside its people and turbulent times. The new administration has decided to make a direct link between the consecrated intention to preserve all original recipes, strengthened with modern technology of production, and visual identity for both the brewery itself and its products.
MU4_web-compressorRealizing the strength of tradition, dedication and quality, we have created the identity that elegantly, unobtrusively brings the difference to the world of presentation and advertising of the beer industry.


We launched a teaser campaign which positioned the brand essence through two sentences. “You know who you are. You know where you come from” addressing people with the intention of awakening and recognizing the importance of love and relationship to their own origin.

The Launch campaign set the brand in an elegant way, placing the focus on quality, setting out the atypical tone of advertising the beer industry.