Since March 2016, we have been publishing LUMEN publication that brings new perspectives to important subjects for those doing business in the Balkan region. The Lumen magazine was published four times a year.

The content is carefully targeted towards issues that are identified as meaningful to the business customers of Mirabank, its clients and partners. The team aims to deliver an exclusive experience in a package that informs and is intelligent and serious, as well as being of immediate value to the business reader.

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Mirabank is a Belgrade-based bank that is known as the first choice in corporate banking for many of the world’s best companies. mirabank’s mission is to support the economic growth of the countries where it operates by providing transparent and sustainable financial services. mirabank’s clients value the reliability and uniqueness of the experience and services they receive. Lumen magazine is published quarterly.


Brings stories of successful people who share their knowledge and experience to bring you the best insight into the Balkans business.


The interview that makes the difference. Most prominent members of regional business community talk about their goals, business opportunities, key issues they face and how they overcome them.


Our experts give you numbers and trends for relevant economic sectors. They introduce the state of economy in the region. We cover the most important developments and examples of relevant countries – Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Albania. Complete data overview + Business case+ Market analysts’ opinions+ HR trends+ interviews


Reportages from the extraordinary authors on places, people, music, food, and festivals in the region.
Luxury destinations and travel recommendations.


We take notes on things that make the region unique. The phenomenons on regional and global themes that caught our attention and are worth sharing.

Our readers value things of quality and fine aesthetics. Design and practicality is the key to our strategy. Our print format reaches readers with memorable, usable, and to-the-point content. Lumen’s physical interface elegantly interacts with the readers and delivers valuable, motivational and inspirational space.

Lumen shines a different light.

Video by Vladimir Milovanovic, Andrija Kovac & Nemanja Babic