SINCE 2003

We are a Brand consultancy that makes culturally relevant brands using strategy, design and editorial approach to create exceptional value for our clients.




  Why do we buy? INVEST IN LOVE Most people perceive marketing as a manipulation of consumers’ emotions. When put so bluntly, it sounds like all ads are a product of the dark side that wants to conquer the world, rule it in perpetual terror, and push the masses to buy more and more until […]

Our Platform

We run one of the most popular and influential design blog in the region – Designed is a non-profit cultural media brand covering contemporary communication and creativity through design, advertising, branding and art. It consists of daily website info, lectures, exhibitions and publishing.

Pactivity is an international conference dedicated to package design held annually in Belgrade.


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Everything is round up here, moving left and right under the hands of our own – Slobodan Jovanovic – Coba.

Follow us on a musical journey through hip-moving beats; we craft musical stories as well.