Mitsides Point holds one of the leading positions in the Serbian flour, pasta and bakery products market. The company’s wide range of grain mill products, are highly praised and recognized for their high quality, both on the local and international markets.

Their package design was not up-to-date for some time before they approached us in need of redesign. The main objective was to show the Italy-inspired product ready to satisfy the taste of a well-traveled person as they offer a board range of pasta products from high quality ingredients.

The Lady of the grain is created as a symbol of the hand-made quality approach in production, positioned on a vivid color, enabling instant shelf visibility. Small, delicate details, such as ilustrated grain gave it a whiff of sophistication whilst avoiding the possible contrast between the transparent surface showing the pasta, and the photo of the meal, placed on a wooden table.

If asked to describe it in two words, the best ones would be „Buon appetito!“