Milica Tasovac

Every company has a dream in which its product becomes the main thought of the consumer and every consumer considers finding the relevant product that will fulfil its expectations.

In the sea of brands that exist on the market, the easiest way to find them is online. Companies that display their brand as authentic, trustworthy and appealing have the greatest chance to attract new customers. Modern consumers are more than ever relying on social media and their mobiles. Using them, they are able to choose whatever brand they need and make purchases. Therefore, the brand should not be just about the logo and color but represent functionality, purpose, logic and emotions, and all those interlaced attributes important to the prospects and their decision-making process. Attributes that will satisfy their wishes, aspirations and needs.

Becoming a brand is the primary goal for every product or service. The only way to accomplish this, is to get acceptance and love of the consumers. To grow into someone as close as the dearest friend. Or a close relative…

People make purchasing decisions led by emotions. Due to emotional features of binding to a particular brand people tend to make close relationships with such because of the values they mutually share.

Brands create experiences containing specific values which are shared with their consumers. Brands fulfil promises and make them happen. They provide benefits to its prospects. These benefits are attributed directly to the brand and they create added value to companies, products or services.

One thing shouldn’t be forgotten: a brand is not a person, in spite of all its personalized features. It is the idea that lives only while exists in the heads and the hearts of its consumers.

We create ideas that butter up to consumer and make both, the brand owner and their customers happy.