La Promessa

You know the plot! There’s a guy … who meets a girl … but she doesn’t care … He’s determined to win her over and makes all kinds of promises!

Each flavor got its own pledge and a charming-method! Will he eventually make it? When you are presented with a top quality product, made of the best varieties of fruit, free of sugars and additives, you know straight away that the process of naming and designing its packaging demands an approach with identical dedication.

The original storytelling brings us a romantic couple, the prince and princess, who are the main protagonists of La Promessa jams. The prince is diligently trying to seduce the princess, without ever giving up, even though she shows no real interest in him, so he offers her various promises, while using the fruit as objects that depict his messages.

The prince and princess are drawn by hand, designed and illustrated specifically for this product, thus clearly indicating the higher quality of the product itself. Some promises are simply irresistible.