The client came to us with a plan to export premium goat’s milk products, such as a “miracle” probiotic drink, yoghurt, pasteurised milk, curd cream, sliced white cheese, smoked cheese, etc. We came up with a precise and appropriate name: Kozari.

This has international appeal and also says exactly what it stands for – Goat keepers.

By mixing the unrefined and the polished, we came up with stylish and innovative packaging and communication materials. When we showed them our vivid and colourful mood board, they reacted with full understanding of our inspiration and the direction in which we were heading.

The small packs of 250ml fit into the hand and complement walks as a tres chic accessory.

They showed patience and gave us time to articulate the declaration on the back of the packaging in a harmonious way, in order for it to become appealing and readable.

The round ones come with corrugated cardboard around the edge and a gold ribbon logo. It has a highly readable and well-ordered declaration, with breathing holes for the cheese.