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There seem to be more and more social networks each day, and your presence is required!

As if until recently it was a matter of choice. The question: “Shall we do the social networks?” was often heard, and those who are a bit elder, for whom television, radio, and billboard are the synonyms for advertising, very reluctantly decided to “try” it, because it is “somewhere out there”, “in the computer” and it’s easy to cancel it and delete it, if “it doesn’t work”. On the other hand, for those born after 1990, the question of social networks is just a matter of choosing the best agency, which will recognize the right audience and generate real content measurable by results.

Thus, in recent years, new industries have appeared, new jobs, bearing names of positions that resemble a game of adding words (one says one word, the next one repeats that word and adds his own, and so on until some of the words are left out accidentally) –  social media strategists, social media content managers, digital copywriters, digital concept developers, and many others have emerged, named differently yet covering the same field of activity: designing content for different social networks that bring together different people with different needs. We must not ignore, however, that often the same person expects a different type of content and a different way of addressing from the brand, when, for example, on Instagram and when on Linked-in.

We can compare the whole situation with a lot of groceries on the table. The ingredients are the same, but we will use them differently to make different dishes, depending on the tastes and wishes of our guests.

This analogy leads us to the conclusion that experts on the digital scene are great chefs, who will easily prepare yummy dishes, ie the experts know how to use the defined features of your brand by combining them in such a manner to reach your targeted audience in the right way. The audience will not eat them, admittedly, but they will gladly consume them.

How to identify which of the networks suits your brand best and how to address your audience properly? Our task is to make your presence fully aligned with your identity, with the defined communication strategy, and with the target group identified for each of the social networks individually. The tone of voices and the visual image rely on the topics we’ve selected, and at all times fulfill the task of preserving a coherent and harmonized message. There are three essential points:

  • Choosing social networks aligned with your brand
  • Recognizing your audience
  • Publishing content that brings measurable results.

With its reach experience, our Pop & Reach digital agency guarantees you great conversions and content that brings you visibility, recognition, and profit. With a dose of POP!