1. We need to understand the client and the job. That could become very personal. So, we need to see each other often and it’s good to like each other.

  2. The purpose and contextual frame your brand will occupy is the core of what will be the outcome

  3. We have a methodology to make things work. Its Truth, Meaning and Emotion

  4. The branding process is very much like a slow cooking. There are zero shortcuts for an amazing meal.

  5. We work for the brand and coherence is what matters.

  6. We tend to create communication through every piece we design

  7. You have to be confident with the outcome. It’s your bread and butter and at one point you must take it over so it’s important to believe in it and carry on further.

  8. Designing well takes time, energy and money. Therefore, the compensation must follow your expectations.

  9. Design must work within a larger social context, otherwise is just an exercise in creativity.

  10. We take only one pitch per year. We like to dedicate our time to our clients’ needs, not speculative loss of resources and creative energy.

  11. We like to see our clients happy.