The end of the year is approaching and it is time to summarize business achievements and look at the days ahead. We decided to use a long-delayed crystal ball and rub it in the hope that we will get concise answers. Last year, we relied on it, but visibly unprepared to face bizarrely unpredictable circumstances from 2020, we stashed the Ball back in the basement. Instead, we decided to justify good predictions with readiness and dedication. In that way, we will avoid all-day preoccupation with a large number of projects that arrive on a daily basis and require impeccable management. It was both a joy and a problem for us, because too fast growth brought consequences that left a mark, both in the internal organization and in communication with the people with whom we share ideas.

The question we will try to answer before entering next year is: How to improve the organization and optimize the available time so that, to the joy of our clients and their business ideas, we will be even more productive and creative?

Summing up the last year, we can say that we are proud to point out that new colleagues from different sectors have strengthened our team and enabled us to provide a more complete service. It will help us implement the ways in which the brands we create become special – through more efficient project management, stronger strategies, tech, digital and innovative design. Probably the most important lesson we have learned is that the dedication that must be offered to a project involves, to much lager extent, the people we create for – both, the client and the end-user. The focus of our work will be on this relationship. It is a prerequisite for entering the nineteenth year of Coba & Associates studio, to be exciting, to say the least. Instead of reading the crystal ball, we will add our own magic and creatively enrich everything we touch.